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Home Alone With My Step Brother (episode 9 & 10)


Few days later, I was gettingready for school, very early in the morning…In the sitting room after breakfast, my stepfather walks into the sitting room holding his suitcase preparing to go to his office.Me: Good morning sir!My stepfather: Good morning dearMe: Your breakfast is on thedinning table.My stepfather: Did you cook? (Surprised)Me: Yes now! I cooked rice and stewMy stepfather: Wow! That’s nice, too bad I won’t be able to eat, I’m late already.Me: So you don’t want to taste my food because its not my mum that cooked it. You think I can’t cook right?My stepfather: I never said that ooo, ah Omolola. Seriously I’m late, will eat one of your delicacy when I get back from work, I promise.Me: Okay sir!My stepfather: Ahem! Did Daniel sleep in this house last night?Me: Daniel? The last time I saw time I saw him was 48hrs ago.My stepfather: This boy will never changeHe brought out his phone, dialling Daniel’s number with annoyance while picked my bag.My stepfather: Hello Daniel…. (On the phone)He was on the with Daniel as he walking out of the house, I quickly rushed afterhim so that he could drop me at the bus stop.In the car with my stepfather, he was driving.My stepfather: I want to ask you a question.Me: No problem sirMy stepfather: There is this friend of mine, he stays in Lagos, do you know that, he’s cheating on his wife.Me: That’s badMy stepfather: Not only thathe’s cheating on his wife, he’s actually having s*x withhis wife’s daughter, his stepfather.Me: What? Oh my God, that’s bizzareMy stepfather: Exactly my thought! Now me and my other friends got angry and have rebuked him and we also warned him to desist from the evil act. He’s response was that the girl isnot his daughter so he can have his way with her and he’s doing it secretly. Can you imagine.Me: Nawa ooo.My stepfather: Now my question is; do you think it bad, I mean him having s*x with his stepdaughter?Me: It is totally bad, it is wrong a taboo for that matter.My stepfather: But they are not related now, so what’s the big deal?Me: I know they are not related but it still sound somehow, you know. Well, probably they are having fun sha, we human beings are not perfectMy stepfather: Having fun?Me: Yes! I guessMy stepfather: What if such happens to you would you do it?Me: (Laughing) It depends ooo, if I’m getting enough cash from him, I don’t mind sleeping with my stepfather… Just kidding!My stepfather: So you can have s*x with me?Me: Ha! Noooo, you’re no longer my stepfather, you’renow my father, so I can never do such with you.My stepfather: But I’m not your biological father nowMe: (laughing) Very funny, God forbid, me and my fatherMy stepfather: I’m not your father girl…. What if I want it between us?Me: You’re only kidding me, you know its not possible.My stepfather: Really?…. Just kidding anywayMe: Of course I know you’re only teasing meI got to the bus stop and alight, he gave me some cash.. He left, while I was going, something came intomy mind, I hope itsnotwhat I’m thinking. Ever since that day, my stepfather has been so nice to me, he began to eat my food, he even praised me for good cooking.One Sunday afternoon his friends came over, like 6 of them, Daniel was also at home that day. The whole house was fun, they were just chatting, drinking, eating food they got from a fast food restaurant. But one thing I noticed is that, while I greeted them there was this kind of attitude, each time I walked passed them they always have this kind of silence. It was so obvious they were talking about me or probably they’ve talked about me before that day, cos I don’t understand.There his handsome friend that was just flirting with him stylishly, they are not really old like that, they should be in their early late 30s or early 40s. Only God knows what they discussed about me, men and gossips,silly gossips. So one day, I went to Festus’ place to have s*x as usual. Sweet se..x, just to save my as$s, who doesn’t love s*x?Immediately I got home, I received a text message from stepfather, he told me to cook food for him and that was in a meeting, that he would soon coming home, but the funniest part was he added “I love you baby”.I was kinda confused, I probably thought he’s forgotten I’m his stepdaughter not his wife, so maybe he made a mistake.I was really weak that day tocook, cos after lectures, I went straight to Festus’ place to have 2 crazy rounds of sex. I eventually cooked for him, I was tired, Iset the dinning table for himto eat when he comes back.I ate my food and went to bed immediately cos I was so exhausted.While sleeping in the night, Idiscovered there was a hand touching my private p@rt, touching me seriously, I quickly woke up, oh my God! It was only dream. What kind of silly dreams am I having these day? I went downstairs to drink water this water, I was thirsty, I love drinking water every night but this time I was fully covered up atleast,wearing my nightgown. No n@kedness or whatsoever, Iwent downstairs, got to the kitchen, it was dark, I didn’t switch on the light.I opened the refrigerator to get a bottle of water, I brought the bottle water the next thing  discovered someone hugged me from behind.


Me: Oh my God, who is that?The person held me really tight… “Its me” the person said, it was my stepfather..Me: What are you doing sir?I quickly pull his hands off my waist, I reached the switch and switched on the light, my stepfather was putting on skimpy boxer, hisd!ck hard alreay..My stepfather: Are you scared?Me: Yes sir, I’m scared… I don’t understand your ways sirMy stepfather: You should understand by now, you know what I want from you..Moving closer to me, I was seriously nervous…Me: I don’t understand you sirMy stepfather: You do stop pretending, you’re not a bay,you already said it yourself.Me: I didn’t say anything oooHe moved closer, I walked out the kitchen to avoid him,he was still coming after me.My stepfather: You did, remember you said you can have s*x with your stepfather.Me: Nooooo! I was only joking, I was just playing around. I was moving backward, he was coming after me,My stepfather: I’m going to take care of you, I promise, Iwill give you everything you want.Me: Noo sir, what about my mum?My stepfather: Forget aboutyour mother, she can’t knowabout this, she would never.I pinched myself to wake upbut this time, it wasn’t a dream oo, I thought it was a dream but this happening for real.Me: No sir! I kept moving backward until I slipped my leg and fell on the floor, my stepfather jumped on me.Me: Please sir! I will screamooo, I’m going to scream, leave me alone.My stepfather: What is wrong with you? From the moments I saw you naked, Ijust can’t stop thinking about you, I just wanna..He grabbed my b°oobs, brought it out and began to suck my n!pples, sucking it real hard. I should have triedharder I swear, I just don’t know why I could be so cheap like that, gosh, the way he was sucking my n!pples, it was so sweet.Me: Please sir, stop it (moaning)He kept on suck!ng my n!pples, then he began to kiss me, kissing me smooching me on the floor, he pulled off his boxer to his shoulder, reached for his d!ck, lifted up my gown finger my pussy, kissing me, squeezing my boobs with one hand, fingering me with the other hand, held hisd!ck positioning it into my pus*y…I quickly put my hand to stop him from penetrating me..Me: Don’t do it, please..My stepfather: Please, I will be gentle..Kissing me, struggling with me…Me: No sir, please now..He took my hand away, heldhis d!ck and slide it in so sharp. I screamed, it was like fire, like they are nailing my head. His d*ck is damn big, the biggest ever.My stepfather: Sorry! (Moaning)He began to pound me really hard, giving it to me so sweet and slow.Me: What are you doing to me? (Moaning)He was moaning really hard,hitting me so damn hard, hitting me really hard, I was moaning so sweet, he began to go fast on me. He lifted my legs up…Me: No no no!Banging me so damn hard, going up and down, sweating, kissing me, kissing me really hard, I couldn’t look at his face, I was just moaning, moaning,he was about to cum, he quickly slide his d*ck out and cum on my lap.My Stepfather: Ah! Yes, yes..I was panting, both of us breathing heavily, sweating like a christmas.Me: What did we just do? I began to cry…My stepfather: Stop crying, Ipromise to take care of you I swear, just be mine, don’t cry Omolola. He tried touching me, I pushed him, got up and rushed to my crying bitterly.Oh my God, what have I done? My stepfather? All in the sitting room, I’ve betrayed my mother, I’m such a shameless girl, I’m so disappointed at myself, God why me? I cried so bitterly went to the bathroom to wash myself especially my private part, crying till I slept off.

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