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Spice of Hatred (episode 1)

story of BOWALE ADESOJI, an ORPHAN who was maltreated by his AUNT and her CHILDREN. how did he became an ORPHAN? did he survived the MALTREATMENT? what was the OUTCOME of what her AUNT did to him?
stay tune for this educative, entertaining story...

Bowale adesoji was the only son and the only child of badmus and funke adesoji. his dad is a business man, and his mum is also working with his dad, she didn't have any business of hers, they are both into importation of electrical, home and office appliances.

Bowale is a very handsome boy, at fifhteen, he started having crush, recieving love letters and gifts from girls due to his handsomeness, but he didn't have time for relationship, he is always dedicated to his studies, he is very simple, everybody loves him.
his aunt(aunty mope)'s children: bimpe, junior, and yemi are in the same school with him, though bowale is fiftheen, bimpe is fourtheen, juniour is twelve, while yemi is ten...

bowale is in ss2, bimpe is in ss1, juniour in jss3, yemi is in jss1. bowale won many competition, he became the best student in school, his parent were very proud of him.
there was a girl called lola in his class, lola's parent  are very rich, she liked bowale so much that she's always staying with him in school. lola confessed are feeling for bowale when she saw that bowale didn't care and he didn't bring up the issue, well, that was a green light, bowale also cofessed is feeling for her, he loves her and he wish to spend his rest of his life with her, though not only because lola is pretty, she also had a very good altitude, many guys tried their luck in wooing lola but all to no avail..
bowale told her that he would want both of them to become a very special friend and they became the most funny and the sweetest couple in school..

after the waec and neco examination, its valedictory service, after the event, bowale lost his phone, he didnt know lola's cell phone number off-head, neither did he know her house, with that he lost contact with lola
at sixteen, bowale became an aspirant, seeking admission to university of ibadan, he scored 297 in jamb, well he is waiting for his o'level result, however that marked the begining of his problems........ **to be continued**

well guys, keep your comments rolling,
#staytune for episode 2
prodly written by owoeye tolu

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