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Ebonyi Government Stops Singer Flavor From Performing In Abakaliki

Abakaliki-Cogent reasons have risen in the matter of why Ebonyi state government halted well known Nigerian Highlife Musician Chinedu Okoli prevalently known as Flavor from performing at a show in Abakaliki on Sunday.

The well known performer had been slated to perform at a show sorted out by a noteworthy drink creation organization in the state on Sunday at the Ochudo stop, Water Walks Road.

He was said to have entered the state on Saturday going before the date of the occasion and arranged to excite his abounding fans in the state capital of Abakaliki.

Yet, around 9pm on the day, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Internal Security, Kenneth Ugballa, purportedly drove a group of Police officers to the setting.

A source at the scene said Mr Ugbala requested that the coordinators close the show down.

The Police additionally drove everyone out of the setting of the occasion clearly on the requests of Mr Ugbala.

The circumstance frustrated the adolescents and aficionados of the performer who took to online networking to lambast the state government over the activity.

Yet, in a response on Tuesday Mr Ugbala guarded the activities of the administration contending that the close down was to keep the sort of awful episodes that professedly occurred amid a comparable show held in Enugu as of late.

The online networking was humming a month ago with the assertions that more than 20 women were assaulted in Mr Flavor's show in Enugu while some left the show Unclad with their dresses torn by a few crooks.

Be that as it may, the police in Enugu said nobody was assaulted. It however affirmed an instance of endeavored assault and taking of telephones and different violations.

Mr Ugbala faulted the coordinators of the Abakaliki appear for not educating the Police or some other security organization in the state before arranging the show to give security.

"The security of the state is in our grasp, I called the Commissioner of Police and he said he was not educated. They didn't keep in touch with any of the other security offices in the state, They said they got authorization from the CP of Lagos to come and complete a show in Ebonyi".

"At the scene there was no security nearness, what they had was just 6 bouncers to keep up security of more than 10, 000 people at the setting. What's more, the entire region was at that point charged before we came. We have effectively assembled that around three people were at that point looted of their telephones and they called to gripe".

"They held comparable show in Enugu which was damaged with a few abnormalities including charge that purportedly prompted a few passings and even affirmations of assault. So we needed to hinder a comparable circumstance from occurring here.

In that Enugu occasion they kept in touch with government and security organizations which were available at the occasion and still there was rush and affirmations of assault. At that point envision what might have occurred for this situation which didn't have security nearness", he said.

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