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Mahathir v Najib: Vote counting starts Malaysia

Malaysia was checking votes Wednesday after one of the nation's fiercest ever race fights which has set embarrassment hit Prime Minister Najib Razak against his one-time tutor, 92-year-old previous tyrant pioneer Mahathir Mohamad. 
Najib is trying to hold control at the leader of an administration that has ruled Malaysia since freedom in 1957, however veteran ex-pioneer Mahathir's stun rebound has overturned the race. 
Rankled by a huge monetary outrage that has discolored Malaysia's worldwide picture, Mahathir has collaborated with a partnership of gatherings that restricted him when he was in power, and which incorporates imprisoned resistance symbol Anwar Ibrahim — his previous enemy.
Najib's decision Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition is viewed as prone to hold control for the most part because of a constituent framework faultfinders say has been intensely controlled to support the legislature, however experts anticipate it will lose the prominent vote in favor of the second sequential race. 
"I am certain of winning," ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad told journalists. "I feel great, I am sure unless Najib cheats." 
Results began streaming in a couple of hours after surveys shut, with BN having a slight early lead with 14 seats to nine for the resistance, as per the Election Commission. 
Yet, some key BN figures seemed to have fallen, with informal outcomes on Bernama state news office demonstrating the leaders of the ethnic Indian and Chinese gatherings in the coalition had lost their seats. 
Prior, voters rushed in huge numbers to surveying stations for the duration of the day, prompting hours-long lines in numerous spots and inciting protests from voters and resistance pioneers about individuals conceivably passing up a major opportunity for voting. 
Before surveys shut, Mahathir said he was stressed voters may not find the opportunity to cast their tallies. 
"I have gotten reports from voting focuses that numerous voters are accumulated outside surveying stations and that the procedure was moving gradually," he said. 
"I trust (individuals) will be given the privilege to vote." 
Decision authorities were yet to reveal the last turnout, in spite of the fact that investigators said it could be lower than at the 2013 race, when it was 85 percent. This would be a hit to the resistance who have said they require a high turnout. 
There were different protestations of grimy traps at the survey, with both restriction pioneers and senior BN individuals asserting that their telephones had been stuck by a surge of spam calls to prevent them from speaking with their groups. 
The web controller faulted the assaults for "bots" (computerized programs) and said it would examine. 
The race has been furiously challenged, and the resistance organization together has made strides as of late as Mahathir, who ruled with an iron clench hand for a long time, wore down the administration's key help base, the Muslim Malay lion's share. 
Prior Mahathir cast his poll close by his better half in the northern city of Alor Setar, and said he was certain of triumph. 
Najib, a political nobility and child of Malaysia's second PM, voted in his electorate of Pekan.

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